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Why small balance real estate?

Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) Can Yield Higher Returns, Regular Income, and More

SBRE deals backed by a solid strategy and disciplined underwriting can often yield very attractive risk-adjusted returns. Unlike most stocks, many SBRE investments can also generate consistent cash flow. At least one of Fairway’s funds has made an investment in every deal you will see on our site, so you know the deals have passed a thorough vetting process that meets Fairway’s stringent investment criteria.

SBRE Gives You Optionality

Depending your situation and goals, SBRE gives you a lot to choose from to help meet your needs.


  • Income
  • Capital Preservation
  • Appreciation
  • Depreciation
  • Equity and Debt
  • Multiple Strategies
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • High Returns

SBRE is Tangible

SBRE investments are all rooted in real property – tangible assets you can see and touch. Unlike the stock market, often valued on vague factors hard to understand, you can know exactly what you’re investing in with Small Balance Real Estate. Accessible managers, understandable factors, tangible assets. Done right, you can get all the benefits of investing directly in real estate, without any of the headaches of managing construction, dealing with tenants, or doing maintenance yourself.

Fairway. The Right way.

True “Value Investing” Mindset

Fairway America believes deeply in "making money on the buy."

Fanatical Underwriting Disciplines

Everyone says it. We live it.

Superior information in a highly fragmented market

Fairway’s deep relationships with sponsors throughout the nation allow it to find the best risk-adjusted opportunities in the SBRE market.

Platform designed to find the best risk-adjusted opportunities in the SBRE market.

Sponsors must demonstrate that they share Fairway’s values and are highly disciplined in their approach to real estate. They must know when to say "no" and when to say "yes" (and prove it).

We Know SBRE

Although you may not have been investing in SBRE deals for decades and my not have lived through multiple market cycles or seen the full spectrum of good, bad, and ugly operators in the SBRE space, we have.

We use this extensive experience to dig deep into the details and assumptions of every deal we consider. If you see a deal here, it means it has made it through the gauntlet for us to make an investment. While our criteria for investing may be different than yours, you can always benefit from our experience. Plus, we’ll teach you the secrets to investing success too.

Ready to dive in? Start investing today

On, you find the best deals selected by the true SBRE industry experts.

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