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Connecting Small Balance Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs connects accredited high net worth investors with qualified Small Balance Real Estate entrepreneurs.

We provide our investors with the tools, expertise, and support they need to succeed through our offerings, educational content, and events, all of which are exclusively focused on Small Balance Real Estate.

Who we are: the Small Balance Real Estate experts

Photo of the Fairway America team. From left to right: Darris Cassidy, Lance Pederson, Matt Burk, and Jay Zollinger.

The Fairway America leadership team

We here at Fairway America (the brains behind have been managing our own Small Balance Real Estate funds since 2001 and have been administering our client’s funds since 2012. We require all interested investors on the site to be approved by us before gaining access to an individual offerings Deal Room. Every SBRE entrepreneur that is interested in listing their offering on our site must pass through our underwriting process which includes in-depth background checks on all of the principals of the management entity. This allows us to ensure that you can trust the person at the other end of deal. Our CEO and founder, Matt Burk, is the foremost authority in the U.S. in the specialized field of Small Balance Real Estate.

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Why we created

As both investors and entrepreneurs in the space, we’ve seen firsthand the difficulty qualified investors and entrepreneurs have finding and connecting with each other in this space. We founded to close that gap and to provide investors and entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise required to do deals with maximum success.

Defining Small Balance Real Estate

Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) funds or offerings are predominantly non-institutional-sized, real estate asset-based, 506-Regulation D pooled investment funds. (For an extensive definition of Small Balance Real Estate, check out Fairway America founder Matt Burk’s blog post on the subject.)

While this type of fund has existed for decades, previously SBRE entrepreneurs were not allowed to solicit investments from any investor they didn’t already know. It was only in 2013 with the passage of the JOBS Act that SBRE entrepreneurs were able to actively solicit investment in these types of funds outside of their immediate circle of peers. This provided the new opportunity for more pooled SBRE funds for investors to choose from than ever before.

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