CapitalFlow Expert Webinars -

CapitalFlow Expert Webinars


How to Take Your Capital Raising to the Next Level in 2017

Matt Burk shares his recent experiences and thoughts about raising capital from high net worth investors, family offices and institutional investors.


How to Launch a Successful GP Co-Invest Fund

Matthew Burk leads a discussion on what exactly a GP Co-Invest Fund looks like, how it functions, and when and why it makes sense.


How Principled People Attract Investors


Brad Borkhuis, Epitome Coaching and Consulting, helps entrepreneurs and leaders get amazing results by giving them perspectives that are solution driven and provide them with the ability to tackle the next challenge and opportunity from a place of peace.


Building a Better Pitchbook

Learn from a branding and communications expert, Charlie Ittner with the Darien Group, what it takes to create an investor presentation that does the heavy lifting for you!


How to Capitalize Your Small Balance Real Estate Business

There are many SBRE capital structures to choose from, each with its pros and cons. Learn the difference between each and how to utilize them in your business.


How to Launch Your Own Fund

Small balance real estate entrepreneurs can learn what it’s like to manage an SBRE fund and decide if they want to pursue becoming a fund manager themselves.


Fund Governance: Why it Matters?

Implementing a good governance model gives your real estate investors assurance that you have their best interests at heart and are protecting their investment.


Making the Transition to a Fund

Ready to start an SBRE investment fund? Learn what it takes to start your own fund and become an effective manager of small balance real estate investments.


Adopting a Fund Manager’s Mindset

Learn what motivates an SBRE fund manager, and how to look at your real estate investment campaigns the way an investor would to strengthen SBRE projects.


Structuring Your SBRE Investment Fund

The structure of an SBRE investment fund can mean the difference between breaking even and making a profit. Learn more about effective SBRE fund structures.


Using Leverage in Your Fund

It’s critical to consider your investors & how you can get them a bigger return. Learn how to use the concept of leverage to maximize return for your SBRE fund.


Demonstrating Your Track Record

Your history of real estate success can speak for itself to potential passive SBRE investors. Leverage success to gain more investors & capital for real estate projects.


Develop a Winning Capital Raise Strategy

Create a capital raise strategy that will help you generate investor capital efficiently and manage it effectively.


How to Create a Killer Pitch Book

Your pitch book is your opportunity to pique the interest of accredited investors right off the bat.


How to Systematically Get in Front of Accredited Investors

Learn how to leverage strategic gifting to get in front of more interested investors and increase referrals from your existing ones!


How to Attract High Net Worth Investors

Gaining the investors trust is the ultimate objective.Trust cannot be gained in one meeting. It is one of the hardest things to earn yet is required in order for you to find success.


How to Survive Investor Due Diligence

Your SBRE investors will perform due diligence to protect their investments. Learn how to demonstrate both competence and character to retain capital.


Keys to Raising Capital from Wealth Managers

If you are serious about raising capital from wealth managers, Registered Investment Advisors, and other professional money managers, this is a webinar you will not want to miss.


Real Estate Crowdfunding Demystified

By now we all know that the crowdfunding craze presents some amount of opportunity. The challenge is figuring out how to take advantage of the advent of “crowdfunding”.


Capital Raising Insights from the SBRE Investment Summit Dallas

We just finished hosting the third SBRE Investment Summit in the span of 12 months. For those that aren’t familiar with the format of our events it’s basically “Shark Tank meets TED Talks” with a celebrity keynote speaker.


SBRE State of the Union 2016

For 2016, we’ve decided to share our version of the State of the Union, more appropriately our state of small balance real estate.


How to Eliminate Headaches Investing in Alternative Investments

Matt, Lance, Darris and Ryan shared their perceptions of the challenges that wealth managers face when placing client’s capital into alts. They also discussed the potential solutions to help overcome those challenges.

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