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Capital Raise TV

Join Lance Pederson, COO Fairway America and, for our weekly, online program where the experts from Fairway America, the trusted authority in small balance real estate, take you behind the scenes and share their experiences and insights from raising capital for their own suite of SBRE investment funds that are targeted at high net worth individuals.


Capital Raise TV Episode 27: Become an Authority

Lance discusses why demonstrating that you are truly an expert at what you do is the key to getting investors over the hump and deciding to make an investment.


Capital Raise TV Episode 26: Human Interest Story

In Episode 26, Lance elaborates on the idea of getting to know your investors and helping them get to know you through compelling human interest stories.


Capital Raise TV Episode 25: Start With What You Have

As a follow-up to last week’s episode about adding value, Lance discusses how to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people you already know.


What is the Secret of Success?

After two days of listening to experts from all corners of the SBRE world, Lance shares what he believes is the secret of success when you boil it all down.


Capital Raise TV Episode 23: Broker Dealer

Lance addresses misconceptions around the role of broker dealers in raising capital and protecting your investors’ securities.


Capital Raise TV Episode 22: Asset Custody Demystified

In this episode, Lance discusses how to assuage investors’ security concerns through asset custody, and shares what he learned about the future of investing from his visit to IRA Services.


Capital Raise TV Episode 21: The 3 P’s

In this episode, Lance discusses the three elements that are key to crafting your fund’s unique story and attracting investors who resonate with your purpose and passion.


Capital Raise TV Episode 20: Investor Objectives

In this episode, Lance shares a story about the mistake most fund managers make when pitching to investors — and how to do it right.


Capital Raise TV Episode 19: Is anybody home?

In this week’s episode, Lance discusses how their frustration with email engagement led to a big “aha” that nearly doubled their results.


Capital Raise TV Episode 18: Investor Protections

In this episode, Lance explain four key things you should put in place to provide investors peace of mind.


Capital Raise TV Episode 17: Demystifying Investment Advisors

Lance discusses the sure-handed way to get around a prospects investment advisor shooting down your investment.


Capital Raise TV Episode 16: The Vision for CapitalFlow Conference

Lance details the vision for the CapitalFlow Conference and its importance in growing the SBRE community.


Capital Raise TV Episode 15: The Building Blocks of Perception

Objective:  Influence How You Are Perceived By Investors


Capital Raise TV Episode 14: The Three Sales

Objective:  Establish a Healthy Relationship with an Investor


Capital Raise TV Episode 12: Power Entertaining

Objective:  Cultivating Authentic Relationships


Capital Raise TV Episode 13: Potential Responses

Objective:  Be Prepared for What Might Happen


Capital Raise TV Episode 11: Campaign Follow-up Strategy

Objective:  Develop Rapport


Capital Raise TV Episode 10: Building Targeted Lists

Filter Your Focus!


Capital Raise TV Episode 9: Campaign Economics

Learn about the measurable outcomes of Fairway America’s grassroots marketing campaign.


Capital Raise TV Episode 8: Local Grassroots Campaign Overview

Get an inside look at Fairway America’s grassroots campaign to inform your next campaign.


Capital Raise TV Episode 7: Scarcity

Learn about the persuasion principle of scarcity.


Capital Raise TV Episode 6: Liking

Learn about how to use the power of liking to gain investor trust.


Capital Raise TV Episode 5: Authority

Learn about the most powerful persuasion principle: Authority.


Capital Raise TV Episode 4: Commitment & Consistency

Learn how to use the power of commitment and consistency to your advantage when raising capital.


Capital Raise TV Episode 3: Social Proof

Learn the power of social proof.


Capital Raise TV Episode 2: Reciprocity

Learn how you can use reciprocity to get high net worth investors you’ve never met interested in your opportunity.


Capital Raise TV Episode 1: Introduction to the Six Persuasion Principles

Learn the six persuasion principles.

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