Due Diligence in Real Estate Investment Opportunities - SBREfunds

SBRE Investor Fund Due Diligence 101 Module 1


Lesson 1: What is Small Balance Real Estate?

In this lesson, we define what small balance real estate is and what it isn’t.


Lesson 2: Why are these SBRE funds out of the reach of Wall Street?

The small dollar size of most small balance real estate investments makes it difficult for institutional players to deploy their capital into the space. This creates opportunities for HNWI.


Lesson 3: Why haven’t I heard of these SBRE opportunities before?


Lesson 4: What is the Definition of an Accredited Investor?


Lesson 5: How did The JOBS Act affect small balance real estate?


Lesson 6: Why hasn’t my wealth manager mentioned SBRE funds?


Lesson 7: What Is the Difference Between 506(b) and 506(c)?


Lesson 8: What Is the Difference Between a Syndication and a Fund?


Lesson 9: What are the positive characteristics of a pooled investment vehicle? 


Lesson 10: What Are the Negative Characteristics of a Pooled Investment Vehicle?

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