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Fund Launch On-Ramp Workshop Module 1

Have you considered starting your own blind pool fund?

If so, you have a million questions and there are very few places to turn to get answers. There are a lot of things to get right and too many to count that you can get wrong. From structure to economics to positioning it to raise capital, there are literally dozens of important issues to consider. H

This course includes 4 approximately hour long video modules and supporting documentation, materials and homework. We start

This will be the fastest, least expensive method available anywhere in the United States to truly learn whether or not you are ready to start your own blind pool fund. There is no other place to go to get this practical, step-by-step information from industry veterans and in-the-trenches practitioners.

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FLOW Module 1 Lesson 1: Introduction

In this lesson, we define what small balance real estate is and what it isn’t.


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 2: Capital Structures and Prerequisites


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 3: Fund Types and Entity Structure


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 4: Security Types and Offering Types


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 5: Fund Necessities


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 6: Why Should You Start a Fund?


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 7: Asset Strategies / Challenges


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 8: Proper Fund Size / Timing to Start a Fund


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 9: Profile of a Successful Fund Manager


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 10: Regulations and Licensing


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 11: Institutional Capital


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 12: Casting Your Vision


FLOW Module 1 Lesson 13: Intro Letter and Bio

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