SBRE CapitalFlow Conference 2016 -

SBRE CapitalFlow Conference 2016

SBRE CapitalFlow Conference Portland 2016

Learn countless new strategies to raise capital from some of the brightest minds in branding, lead generation, search engine optimization, and small balance real estate (SBRE). If having ongoing access to capital is a critical component for you to build a more profitable and successful real estate business than this is a can’t miss conference!


Systematize Your Business for Growth

Extreme Success or Extreme Failure?


Power Networks That Help You Achieve Your Greatest Potential


How to Build a Sales and Marketing Machine

Learn from the best about integrating technology and tactics to achieve your sales and marketing objectives.


The Relevance of Narrative Storytelling to Capital Raising

From Potato Salad to Profits… Charlie Ittner of the Darien Group shares his insights and experience harnessing the power and reach of storytelling as a strategic tool to help raise capital.


The SBRE Vision

Matt Burk reflects upon his own SBRE journey and some of what he has learned and experienced along the way as Fairway America continues to evolve our unique and impactful business model designed to best serve the distinct needs of entrepreneurs in this space

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